VIDEO: The Moment a Guy in China Survives Getting Hit by Three Cars

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We’re pretty poor drivers in America, but the Russian dash cam and the Chinese traffic camera have convinced me we’re a whole lot better than some other places around the world. This poor dude gets tagged three times just trying to get home, and manages to survive.

Here’s a fact: At 275,000 deaths per year, there are more highway fatalities in China than anywhere else in the world. Even India, with its massive population, has 20,000 fewer deaths every year.

This video shows why.

In Kunshan city in east China’s Jiangsu province, a Mr. Li is just doing his best to cross the street. Instead of waiting on the curb, though, Li gets halfway out into traffic and hangs out there, presumably either to allow cars to pass in the other direction, or perhaps just to contemplate one of life’s many mysteries.

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Regardless, after about six seconds of standing out in the road, a minivan comes along and clips him. It looks like Li just gets taken out by the mirror, but the minivan is traveling at a good 30 miles an hour, without a hint of brake lights.

Now he’s down for the count. Traffic is coming up quick. Thankfully, a city bus driver is coherent enough to realize there’s a guy laying in the road, and he stops, applying his hazard lights.

Unfortunately, a car comes up quick on the left and hits Li at pretty close to full speed, darting to the right at the last minute to avoid completely running him over.

The final insult occurs at the very last second in the video, as Li’s being attended by a passerby. You have to see it to believe the kind of luck it requires to make it happen.

Li suffered several fractures in his left leg and six ribs but authorities say he is recovering well in hospital..


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