VIDEO: This 8-Bit Fast and The Furious Game Looks Way Better Than the Movie

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Furious 7 is setting all kinds of box office records, but it’s not getting me any more excited than this 8-bit version.

I’m neither into theĀ Fast and the Furious franchise or any kind of modern video games. My interest ended when video game consoles moved from the arcade to the home. What good is a video game that doesn’t require you cash in all your lawn cutting money for quarters?

This Fast and the Furious 8-bit mock video game from the folks at CineFix is not only gives you an idea of how great video games used to be, it also completely encapsulates the script of every Fast and Furious movie ever written in three minutes.

I’m now jonesing to get back to Mancini’s Pizza and play some Spy Hunter. MA, can I have my allowance early?!


Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

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