VIDEO: Top Gear’s Richard Hammond is So Bored, He’s Playing With Sheep

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Richard Hammond Bored

Richard Hammond isn’t working on Top Gear right now because no one even knows what’s going on with Top Gear right now. The great fracas heard ’round the world has everyone waiting to see what will happen next and that leaves the co-hosts with some time on their hands. Rather than enjoying his time off, Richard Hammond is bored and he’s playing with sheep.

He’s so very, very bored that he made a video highlighting the boredom that is his life. It all starts on a pleasant day with Hammond lying on top of a garden wall, staring into the sky. He declares that he’s bored and says, “I need a job,” before hooking a trailer up to the back of his SUV and taking off into the wild. His only company on this trip is his trusty dog.

If you stick with it for its full 10-minute running time then you are in for a rare treat. He drives down the highway and ends up at a farm where we see sheep and cows and lovely scenery. It is, as promised, rather boring. There is also some time spent at a pub drinking beer because that’s what you do when you’re bored and unemployed.

Eventually, Hammond heads home with a trailer full of sheep that gleefully bound off into a meadow as Hammond watches with a smile. The day that sheep running from a trailer into a meadow makes you grin like you’ve just won the lottery is a sad day indeed.

Now, before you go thinking this is just an exercise in boredom, remember that this is one of the guys from Top Gear. He knows he’s got an audience and he’s not about to let everyone down with a boring video about running off to gather a bunch of sheep. Stick with it until the end and you’ll have your reward.

Unless, of course, you’re his dog. That dog is never going to speak to him again.