VIDEO: Toyota Tacoma Driver Launches Onto Lower Deck of I-93, Survives

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WCVB-5 is reporting an accident I-93 in Boston, where his Toyota Tacoma launched off of a freeway exit onto the lower deck of the highway below. Amazingly, he survived the crash.

The accident occurred near the Leonard Zakim-Bunker Hill Bridge on I-93 North. Vannak Sao, 33, of East Boston was driving a Toyota Tacoma, which struck the divider at a left-lane exit onto Route 1 North on Sunday morning. The truck made contact with a light pole and a sign before it crashed onto the roadway of the southbound lower deck below.

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Sao was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital, where his condition was stabilized. He was charged with operating under the influence by the Massachusetts State Police.

It’s not the first time a truck has leapt from one roadway to another in Boston. In August of 2013, a driver for the Boston Globe — Paul Healey, Jr., 35 of Brockton, Massachusetts — was struck by a drunk driver in a Cadillac, forcing him through the barrier of an elevated roadway. Healey’s truck crashed onto the lower roadway in a dramatic video released by MassDOT. Healey survived with injuries but made a full recovery.

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