VIDEO: Traffic Stinks so Guy Tries to Drive Through Everything

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It has likely crossed the mind of anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic. There you sit, unable to move because there are people in front of you. What would happen, just for argument’s sake, if you simply hit the gas and started ramming into those cars? This guy decides to find out.

The whole thing goes down in Los Angeles at an intersection on a fairly busy street. A guy in a gold Nissan drives right up against the bumper of the Impala waiting at the light and hits the gas trying to move the car forward. It doesn’t prove effective so he backs up, smacks into the guy behind him, and then rams the car in front again. Also ineffective.

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With his hood dented, smoke billowing, and his airbag flopping about on the steering wheel, this guy repeatedly revs the engine and spins the wheel wildly trying to do, uh, we really have no idea. The car is in neutral, so he doesn’t do much other than look like a maniac.

This being a busy city street, there are plenty of witnesses to the whole thing and they all break out their trusty cameras to record the chaos. And chaos it is as people wander closer to get video and generally take a good look at the whole thing.

It makes absolutely no sense. The driver seems to have no idea why he’s not getting anywhere and continues to try to push the white car out of his path even though he’s stuck in neutral, bouncing off the rev limiter. You can’t help but wonder why the white car doesn’t drive out of the way, or the black car stopped just ahead.

Eventually the angry driver remembers his car has gears and shifts into reverse only to go flying back, freaking out the crowd. This gives him enough room for a good run at the white car so he smacks into it hard enough to move it into the black car at the head of the line.

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He backs up again, then takes off, sideswiping the white car this time as he remembers that in addition to gears he has a wheel that turns. He blasts through the intersection narrowly missing causing another accident when he runs the light.

No word on whether the guy was caught or what prompted the whole incident.