VIDEO: Tyga Gives Kylie Jenner a Ferrari 458 Spider For Her 18th Birthday

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Kyline jenner phot by GarywithDaTea

Rap star Tyga presented his girlfriend Kylie Jenner with a new white Ferrari Roadster for her 18th Birthday.  Can you guess what she gave him?

Yes, according to Perez Hilton and about a zillion other sources on Facebook,  Kylie gave Tyga a racy photo of herself.  Get it?  Race-ey?  Is it a fair trade?  We’d say no, but we are car nuts here at BestRide.  We’ll let you fid that racy image yourself.


tyga ferrari side

Given the paparazzi and security detail in attendance we assume the gift was well planned by Tyga.  For Ferrari fans, the gift is impressive.  If we have the model right from the limited images, the Ferrari looks to be a 458 Spider.  The 458 will be the last normally-aspirated V8 mid-engine Ferrari in its long line.  For 2016, the 488 versions of the line will be blown.  Meaning turbocharged for those not familiar with the lingo.  Although Ferrari is no stranger to turbocharged cars, many enthusiasts are bemoaning the switch.  Ferrari, like Porsche, BMW and now even Lexus, Chevy and Dodge, are all switching to forced induction for their fancy, powerful cars.  Turbocharging in particular (and to some degree supercharging) offers reduced fuel consumption and more torque at lower RPMs.

kylie bentley


Not knowing 18-year-old Kylie, we can’t say if she is an aficionado of Ferraris who will appreciate owning the last of the non-turbo V8 Ferraris.

We do know one thing.  The expression “Youth is wasted on the young” is not always right.


Top of page image courtesy of GarywithDaTea and Facebook.  Image of Kylie Jenner in the convertible Bentley courtesy of Kylie Jenner public Facebook images.  Other images and video credits shown when the video is viewed.