VIDEO: Vin Diesel Names Daughter Pauline In Honor of Paul Walker

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Actor Paul Walker starred in the Fast and Furious franchise of films and was tragically killed in a car accident in November 2013. His death occurred during filming of the latest installment, Furious7 which is due to hit theaters next month. The cast has opened up about how they’re handling the loss of their friend and colleague, and Vin Diesel has given the actor a very personal tribute.

At the time of Walker’s death, he had finished about 85% of his work in the upcoming movie. Everything shut down when he died as the cast and those involved coped with his death and tried to decide what to do about filming. They questioned if it was right to finish filming at all or if the whole thing should be scrapped. They finally decided, with the blessings of Walker’s family, that they would do it in his memory.

This is the seventh Fast and Furious film so the family vibe that’s portrayed on screen is one that is genuinely felt by the cast. It was a very emotional decision for them to move forward and they still get choked up talking about Walker, what kind of guy he was, and how much he is missed.

Vin Diesel in particular had become close friends with Walker and told Today that he got very emotional during the film’s first screening in California. He said that he was standing on stage in front of a packed house when a random image of Walker appeared on the screen behind him and his emotions go the better of him.

Support from the audience at that moment got him through, with someone yelling that they were his family, too. That’s part of why the whole team decided to keep going with the movie. They did it for Walker, each other, and the fans who’ve come to love the actors and characters over the years.

Diesel also chose to honor Walker in a very personal way when he and partner Paloma Jimenez welcomed their third child into the world. They chose to name their little girl Pauline as a tribute to Walker. Diesel said that, although Walker is gone, at that moment he was sure walker was there with him and couldn’t imagine a better way to honor his memory.

Furious7 opens in theaters on April 3rd.