VIDEO: Watch a Renault Megane Driver Run Out of Talent on the Nürburgring

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They’ll let you out on the Nürburgring, but you’d be well advised to hone your skills and vastly underestimate your abilities, as evidenced by this crash featuring a Renault Megane.

The footage comes from the Schwendenkreuz section of the Nordschleife. All looks pretty smooth for the driver we’re on board with, until the Megane passes quickly, dipping at least one wheel off the track and onto the grass.

Renault 2

The action from there is wild. The Megan hits the guardrail at pretty close to full speed after fishtailing back onto the track again. Upon making contact with the guardrail, the car immediately vaults six feet into the air.

When it finally comes to land again, it’s almost vertical, causing the Megan to flip end-over-end. As the car turns sideways, it snap-rolls six times, before landing on its wheels against the guardrail, facing the wrong way on the track.

As evidenced by the driver of the camera car, who emerges from his car in seconds, wearing a t-shirt and a baseball hat, this isn’t a track day or a racing event. It’s an ordinary day on the Nordschleife, where any dope with 27 rattling around in his pocket.

From what we can gather at the end of the video, the driver appears to walk out of the car.

We’re guessing here, but we figure this was a rental car. To put this into context for American drivers, the Megane is closely related to the Nissan Sentra. Not exactly the car you want to run at 10/10ths on one of the most legendary stretches of asphalt in the world.


H/T to Theresa Condict for pointing this one out.

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