VIDEO: Watch Ben Hemingway’s POV of an Enduro Through the Streets of Portugal

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If you’re claustrophobic or have extreme vertigo, watching this video of Ben Hemingway hammering through the streets of Porto, Portugal in the Red Bull Extreme XL de Lagares, a race that combines trials riding, motocross, and rallying with a bit of Escape from New York. The only thing that would make this wilder is if the crowd was made up entirely of zombies.

The race takes place right through the alleys and back streets of Porto, Portugal’s second largest city. Riders compete against each other through a range of obstacles including huge logs, pallets, railings and endless concrete stairs.

Along with the action, Ben Hemingway narrates the video. Two things to pay attention to: First, aside from one quick higher speed section, Hemingway’s bike never revs higher than about 2,500 rpm. Second, his breathing is intense by the end. Motocross is considered to be one of the most physically challenging events in all of sports. Try doing it in alleys no wider than the handlebars.

Ben and his brother Dan both compete in what’s called Hard Enduro. Ben is a welder and fabricator in his family’s business, and previously competed in the grueling World Trials Championship.

Ben saw podium finishes at The Tough One and the Red Bull Hare Scramble in 2012, plus a top five finish in 2013’s Hell’s Gate.

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