VIDEO: You May Be a Good Son, But Did You Get Your Mom A Jaguar?

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It may look like I’m goofing off all day, but I’m “researching,” and occasionally, I come across something great. While perusing the always interesting cars at The Brougham Society on Facebook, I stumbled across this terrific story about a son, his mom, and the car she always wanted.

Brian McCann’s mom had loved Jaguars for years. When she turned 80, Brian decided that it was time to present her with the car she always wanted.

Brian McCann Jaguar Mom
“For my mom’s 80th birthday, I was able to present her with a car she has wanted for years but thought it too extravagant,” Brian writes.

The car is a 2006 Jaguar XJ8L, with just 35,000 miles. Even the color was right, a subtle metallic blue Jaguar called Seafrost in 2006.

Brian McCann Jaguar Happy BirthdayBrian’s mom was an model and an opera singer at a younger age, and looks perfect behind the wheel of the long-wheelbase Jaguar.

Brian McCann Jaguar Interior

“It was an awesome surprise when we opened the garage door and she saw the banner I had made for her,” said Brian. “She still drives like a bat out of hell and has to bring up the car every time I talk to her.”

You can watch the unveiling in the video below.

Thanks to Brian McCann for granting us permission to use the photos and video!

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