VIDEO:Tanner Foust Making All The Cars Sounds For a Volkswagen Golf R

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Tanner Foust Golf R

Once upon a time, the only car you drove was a tiny Matchbox and your track was the living room floor. You pushed that thing around and soared it through the air to land safely on the couch and the whole time you provided the most epic of sound effects. Squealing tires. Roaring engine. Yup, that’s pretty much what Tanner Foust does in this video as he provides the sound effects for a real Volkswagen Golf R.

The latest ad campaign from Volkswagen is called Unleash Your RRRR and it lets everyone channel their inner 6-year-old. They start off with Foust dressed in full racing garb. Instead of sitting behind the wheel, he’s sitting in a chair on the track with a laptop in his hands as he busts out his best impression of the snazzy VW Golf R sitting idly in the background.

It’s ridiculous and it’s wonderful. Also, Foust must have spent a lot of time playing with Matchbox cars because he isn’t half bad at recreating the sounds of a real car tearing up the track. VW doesn’t stop with Foust. A second video features Michael Winslow.

Don’t recognize this famous driver? That’s because he’s not a driver. Winslow is famous for his prowess making sound effects, most notably in the Police Academy movies as Sgt. Larvelle “Motor Mouth” Jones. He sits down with a laptop and tries to one-up Foust with his impressive skills.

You have to give Foust some credit because he does nearly as well as Winslow. The clincher may be the ridiculous faces that accompany Winslow’s performance with his cheeks all squished in a helmet. Think you could do better? VW would like to see you try.

The campaign includes a special website where you can record 10 seconds of your best car sounds. Let it rip like you’re a kid playing on your living room floor again.

Once you’ve made your recording, a web app analyzes the sounds and creates a video of the 292 horsepower turbocharged Golf R to match. It records both your voice and your face before creating a 10-second clip that you can share with your friends.

Yes, it’s goofy, but you know as soon as you’re home and there’s no one else around to hear you, you’ll be sitting in front of your desktop pretending that you’re racing the Golf R around the track and leaving guys like Foust choking on your dust. Foust doesn’t stand a chance.