Visit with Santa Provides Gift Suggestions for Car and Motorsport Enthusiasts

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NORTH POLE — Each November, “Cars We Remember” makes a special trip to visit with Santa. We made the trip last week, so here are this year’s recommendations for car and motorsport fans for the holiday season.

Santa noted up front this year that when the reindeer get up to 10,000 feet, he switches over from reindeer power to a special engine built by the pros at Reher-Morrison Racing Engines in Arlington, Texas. Further, Prancer explains that the elves at the North Pole now know to maintain the special Reher-Morrison Chevy big-block thanks to the company’s new 392-page book with over 600-photos titled “Championship Engine Assembly.” Now available for $74.95 plus postage from the crew at Reher-Morrison, give them a call at 855-467-4880 because if you order by Dec. 31, the guys at the shop are going to throw in a FREE Reher-Morrison t-shirt! Just tell them Greg and Santa sent you, as this is a special “Cars We Remember” phone order promotion. Thanks guys!
Comet informed us that Ralphie’s father from “A Christmas Story,” will have the family Oldsmobile looking and running better than ever on their trips to “Higbees.” This year, he’s using Lucas Oil’s “Slick Mist” spray on wax cleaner along with an Armor All Holiday Gift Pack. Both Lucas and Armor All produce fine cleaning and shining products necessary to make the Olds look fine, including interior and tires. Starting at $9.99, look for the items on auto supply shelves nationwide.
Santa noted that Bert and Ernie, George Bailey’s friends from Bedford Falls, must keep the police car and taxi looking good, respectively. So, when it comes to chrome or aluminum shining, it’s either Lucas Metal Polish or Mothers Polish ($9.99 up). If they need a quick loosening of a door jam, it’s Lucas Oil’s “Tool Box Buddy” lubricant ($3.00 up). Another fine gift in the “keep it clean” category is the Currand Auto Spa bagless car vac for $46.95.
Up North way, Rudolph is in charge of making sure the trucks and cars used around the North Pole are in fine shape. Thus, he recommends Penray automotive products to get the job done. Rudolph said Penray has been dealing with Santa since 1950 and after more than 60 years of reliability, Penray is his choice in the heavy-duty and automotive chemical industry. Santa loves Penray’s glass cleaner and emergency tire fix as excellent gift choices (From $3.99 up).
For the mechanically inclined, precision instruments and testers from Actron make great gifts and assure pinpoint engine diagnostics. Included on the 2014 gift list are a Pro Digital Timing Light ($89.99) or a Dwell/Tach/Volt Meter ($29.99 ) or the popular “point and read” digital temperature Infra-Red Thermometer Pro ($69.99), the latter which can be used to test Ralphie’s always troubled furnace. All of these Actron items are available at major auto stores and websites.
Santa always recommends something from the late Smokey Yunick’s “Best Damn Garage in Town, and this year, a coffee mug (just $5.00) or a CD book ($29.95) is available direct from Smokey’s homepage at Additionally, reading gifts last all year so subscriptions to Road & Track or Hot Rod ($10.00) or bi-weekly Auto Roundup (from $19.95) will be appreciated all year long.
Meanwhile, Santa and the elves are building a 440-MOPAR and he says the Edelbrock aluminum six-pack intake is the choice for a powerful Challenger 440 collector car ($365) he’s finishing up. With Edelbrock applications for all 1950 to 1970 decade muscle cars, your area speed shop or auto store can help with your selection for that special “high performance” someone. However, Clarence from “It’s a Wonderful Life” says to always make sure you know what your car lover needs prior to ordering.
George Bailey, from the Bailey Savings & Loan, likes DVD movies, especially the new Blu-Ray edition of Ron Howard’s “Rush,” which features the life and times of Formula 1 champs Niki Lauda and James Hunt ($14).  Ebenezer Scrooge, meanwhile, opts for the cheaper DVDs that are a year or more old. For $5 to $12 he’s located “Snake & Mongoose” drag race feature, “Thunder in Carolina” the 1959 Darlington 500-based feature with Rory Calhoun and 1952’s Indy 500 storyline “To Please A Lady” with Clarke Gable and Barbara Stanwyck as the stars.
Scut Farcus, the “Christmas Story” bully, is spending more time in the house nowadays with “stoolie” Grover Dill while his face mends from a recent beating. Scott and Grover spend time assembling AMT/Ertl model kits, which are still the leader in 1/24 plastic cars. Kits are available at department and hobby stores everywhere from $9.99 and up for kids of all ages.
If you’re looking for some stocking stuffers, little Susan from Miracle on 34th St., enjoys receiving NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, SCCA or IndyCar hats from $10.99 and up. Tiny Tim from “A Christmas Carol” says not to hesitate nabbing some Purolator oil and air filters, too, as the home mechanic loves these gifts.
Finally, Scrooge & Marley accountant Bob Cratchett says any of the current 1/24 Petty Family die-cast cars or a nice ERTL 1/18 1970 Mustang will make a great gift, and are priced from $20 to $115.
Until next year, have a happy Christmas and holiday season!
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