CRAIGSLIST FINDS: Big Wagons With Wood Siding

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Station wagons had fallen out of favor, but they’re cool again. and we’d love to have one these full-sizers with wood siding.

What was the pinnacle of suburban transport – the full-sized, wood-trimmed station wagon – fell into irrelevance, thanks to the minivan, and then the SUV. But people are still passionate about them, as we see in Facebook groups like The Secret Society of the Simulated Woodie, and there’s still a healthy trade in decent used ones, even the biggest guzzlers.

Ford called itself the “Wagonmaster” when wagons were fashionable, and its Country Squire filled many a suburban driveway.


This one appears to be in fine original condition.


It comes with the inward-facing rear seats. My family had a Chevrolet with a rear-facing bench, which I think was best – my sister and I might have launched an all-out war if we were forced to face each other in the interstate trek from Pennsylvania to Florida’s EPCOT Center.

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Mercury‘s version of the Country Squire, the Colony Park, is well-represented by this sleepy-eyed model from the mid-’70s.


Sounds like the seller has the hubcaps, and the ad goes on to confirm that the headlight doors do indeed close.


There’s more than one variety of fake bark on the Mercury‘s instrument panel.

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The allegedly “intermediate” Torino series soon became the footprint for the downsized full-sizers, and it’s quaint to see how Ford shaped the Torino’s swollen fenders to make it seem even bigger.


I’d write something snarky about the yard mess next to the wagon, but then I’d have to confront the clutter in the south corner of my home office.


A search for a full-sized Chrysler reached back to the 1960s for this nice-looking Monaco. “Long time senior owner” – that’s a dog whistle if you’re looking for unique transportation that stands a chance at being reliable.

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Love those perturbed tail lights.


The info sheets indicate that this Monaco is a car show veteran. Its as-new price would be $36,141 in 2016 dollars, which aligns with a new and well-equipped family hauler. The more things change…

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Over at GM, this Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser seems to present well at a bargain price.


The body is not without scrapes…


…but that long load floor appears to have served only light hauling duties.


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