WAGONS ON CRAIGSLIST: Wood Siding In A Sensible Size

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We’ve just featured some giant woody wagons found on Craigslist. But what if you want something that’s a bit more manageable? Then let’s take a look at some of the smaller ones that are slathered with wood applique.

This Buick Regal Estate Wagon is just about killing us. Unlike the giants we covered before, this one’s boxy shape is one that’s easy to place when you’re behind the wheel. Buick called the color under the wood Light Blue, and we call it crisp and refreshing.

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Sister to the Regal is this Pontiac Grand LeMans Safari (ain’t that a mouthful?). Its wood has detail lines that run horizontally, running your eye up and down the boxy LeMans’s flanks.


The plastic front end has that signature Pontiac pointy center. And detailing – so much detailing. Dense eggcrate grille, rub strips with two accent lines, many-tined wire wheel covers – there are many shiny bits for your eyes to hit on this Grand LeMans Safari.

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AMC is represented by this Hornet Sportabout, which gets our attention despite its ad’s awful photographs.


The interior makes this Sportabout. Not one rip on those cloth seats. It really does look like only 58K miles have happened here.


If you wanted something smaller from the 1970s, then maybe you’d select this Ford Pinto Squire.


This little Ford is pretty faded outside…


…but the interior isn’t bad. The Tweety Bird floor mats are a neat touch.

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Ford’s Fairmont Squire is well-represented, with plenty of decent examples out there. Like this one, with its later-model Mustang wheels.


Another low-mile example with plenty-nice insides.


A factory cassette deck represented high-tech audio back in the day.


The Mercury Zephyr Villager was the Fairmont’s twin, and it had darker wood trim with chrome outlines.


This Mercury a work in progress, priced maybe $600 too high, but it still presents well.


The Zephyr seller is reluctant, but his heart is in the right place:


The Mercury Marquis  was a later version of the Zephyr – much the same but with a more aerodynamic beak. This one is delicious with its turbine aluminum wheels lifted from a late-’80s Mustang GT.

woody_wagon_f2Chrysler’s Aspen and Volare twins turned up a few times. Here’s a nice Volare Premier wagon with an amazingly low 18K miles.


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Looks great up front…


…and inside.


The ’80s brought the cute little Town & Country wagons that were based on Chrysler’s company-saving K-cars. This one looks workable, even with 123K miles…


…especially when you see how the “wood” has degraded on some other examples.


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