Want a Bugatti Veyron? There Are Only 8 Left!

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2014 Bugatti Veyron

Ever since the Bugatti Veyron made its debut way back in 2005, it has been the supercar to beat all supercars. You can argue all you want about which cars are better or sexier, but the Veyron has managed to capture the hearts of even people who aren’t car people. Now there are only 8 more Veyrons left to be built before their run is over and done.

The Bugatti Veyron made its debut nearly ten years ago with original plans calling for a run of just 300 units of this luxury supercar. That number went up by 150 when they added in the Grand Sport in 2008 but now the bulk of the cars are gone with just 8 units left to sell to finish out the 450 units. Bugatti’s CEO, Wolfgang Dürheimer, confirmed the news speaking to Car Magazine at the company’s launch of their first retail boutique on London’s Brompton Road in Knightsbridge.

This new store is part of the company’s plan to expand the brand, providing clothing and accessories for all those Bugatti fans. The move to open boutiques doesn’t mean they’ll be forgetting their roots as a luxury automaker. As soon as the factory in France that builds the Veyron finishes the last of them, it will jump right in to prepping pre-series cars for the next Bugatti.

If you’ve been saving to get one of the last few remaining Veyrons to park in your driveway, who are you kidding? No one who buys one of these things actually saves the money to make the purchase. This is the kind of car you just buy on a whim because you are rolling in dough like Scrooge McDuck. Saving for a car is for chumps who buy cheap stuff like Bentleys and Ferraris. You might want to think about picking up something from the Bugatti boutique. Perhaps a $155 pair of Bugatti cufflinks?

Even though there are only 8 of these elite cars left to build, it could still be awhile before the final one rolls off the line and into the super rich hands of some lucky guy who already owns a yacht and a private jet. You can figure that if it took almost ten years to build the first 442 units, then we’ve got a good few months before they sell and build the final eight. You still have time to rummage through the couch cushions and find the last couple of thousand dollars you need.