Watch a German Man Review the Perils of Driving in the U.S.

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The rules of the road vary greatly from country to country. What we find perfectly normal and don’t even think about in the U.S. may be considered rude or even illegal in other places. The reverse is also true when folks from other countries make their way here. It can all be disconcerting, as this German found when he took to the roads in the United States.

We think he starts thing off wrong by choosing a German car, because for the true American experience it needs to be something much bigger. Maybe a minivan with at least four kids along for the ride. Even better, he should be behind the wheel of a pickup like the Ram 1500.

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Instead, we get an Audi S8, or “S-Acht!” as he says in the video. It sounds much angrier than “S-eight,” and now that’s what we’re going to think every time we see on the road. “Look, there goes an S-Acht!”

Next he moves on to the rules, which are not the ones you’ll find in the typical driving manual in any country. He covers the idea that yielding based on the sizes of the vehicles in question with the biggest vehicle going first and how that’s clearly the wrong way to do it.

Our frustrated German takes us out onto the highway where it’s nothing short of chaos. People pass on the right because people simply sit in the left lane. He thinks this is madness. We agree.

He also complains about our speed limits. It’s not that we have them, but that we seem to follow them arbitrarily. One minute everyone is at the limit and the next the whole highway is way over.

This, he notes, often results in getting pulled over for going too fast or too slow and being forced to explain yourself. You can’t explain yourself. This too is madness and again we agree.

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It’s not all bad, however. You can make a right turn on red in the U.S. even though it’s illegal in Germany. We also have huge parking spaces so it’s easy to get into even what we consider small spots.

Overall, however, he’s one angry German. There’s so much about how we drive in the U.S. that doesn’t make a lick of sense. It drives us nuts and, apparently, drives Germans even more nuts.