Watch a Mazda Flip Off a Building and Land on its Roof

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The driver of this Mazda, who suffered only minor injuries, is one lucky guy. Surveillance videos show him speeding through a parking lot, going off the edge, and flipping onto the car’s roof in the driveway below.

The incident happened in Atlanta, Georgia when Stanley Clarke somehow got his foot wedged between the gas and brake pedals. The 63-year-old man then lost control of his car and couldn’t stop. It’s unbelievable that he landed so hard and wasn’t seriously injured.

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He managed to drive off the road and through the parking lot avoiding hitting anything at first, but eventually he ran out of space to fix the problem. It seems like it should be easy to get your foot free if it somehow got stuck, but panic can make even the simplest tasks tough to manage.

What you don’t see is Clarke going through a fence at the end of the parking lot and bouncing off of another building’s roof before coming to a rest in front a stunned witness. The building the Mazda bounced off of holds the offices of chiropractor Dr. Aletha Chappelear, who was at work with patients at the time of the accident.

She said they heard and felt the impact as the car slammed into the roof over their heads. Although the damage to the roof is visible from the outside, inside, the building looks just fine. Chappelear is grateful the car didn’t crash through and hurt anyone and hopes to be back in business as soon as the building is deemed safe.

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The car lands in front of a man in the process of washing another Mazda inside of a garage. The car falls, lands hard, and sits there all while the poor guy washing the car looks on in disbelief. He doesn’t even jump, just walks slowly out of the garage, mop in hand, looking a bit like he can’t believe his own eyes.

Can’t say we blame him. It would be a moment when you’d question what the heck just happened. He does eventually drop the mop and the video shows him and several other folks trying to help the driver. It’s an unbelievable scene and one that fortunately didn’t seriously injure the driver or any bystanders.