Watch a Plane Make a Emergency Landing on the Highway

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You never know what’s going to happen when you’re out on the road. That’s why you need to pay attention and it’s why distracted driving is such a big issue. A moment’s inattention and you could find yourself in an accident with another vehicle, or possibly a plane if you weren’t paying attention when this happened in California.

The incident occurred on August 11 in San Leandro on I580 North and was caught by dashcam. In the video we hear a couple having your average conversation when suddenly a plane flies overhead much lower than usual.

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It quickly becomes clear there’s a serious problem as the plane gets lower over the highway and begins to land in a ridiculously narrow gap in the traffic. According to the man who recorded the video, once the plane was down and he drover closer, he could see fuel leaking from the plane.

Despite this being an emergency landing, no one was injured and both the plane and the cars passing on the highway were all undamaged. The pilot told the California Highway patrol that a fuel line snapped and the plane lost pressure.

Local residents heard the plane and could tell something was wrong. They reported hearing a loud boom and then the sound of an engine that sounded like it was running out of gas. The next thing they knew there was a plane on the freeway.

Alameda County Fire also posted a clip of the plane once they arrived on scene. They moved it off to the side of the road, presumably to wait until it could be driven back to the airport.

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There was only one passenger along with the pilot on board and no one was hurt, but you have to imagine it was a scary few minutes for them both. Not to mention how much that would throw you if you happened to be on the highway in your car.

Then again, this is California and they’re somewhat known for having weird stuff happen on their highways. Not too long ago, drivers had to contend with the sudden appearance of a SpaceX rocket over the highway.

The nighttime launch looked rather like a UFO and people didn’t handle it as well as this emergency landing. While everyone was busy pulling out their phones and trying to figure out what they saw, there was a nasty crash.

This time, everyone kept their cool and it all turned out fine. Be careful out there, California.