Watch a Police Car Narrowly Avoid an Oncoming Train

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Railroad crossings are dangerous. Whether you’re in a car, walking, or riding your bike, any time you encounter a railroad crossing you need to pay attention. This video of a police car just missing being hit by an oncoming train is proof.

Depending on the crossing, there are different warnings to make sure you know when you should stop. It could be as simple as a sign, but there are also flashing lights and even gates that block the tracks so no one can sneak across. People do sneak across, but this is incredibly dangerous. Just wait the few minutes for the train to pass rather than risking your life.

Even if you obey all the rules and pay attention to the lights and gates, that might not be enough to keep you and your car in one piece. The technology that activates the signals isn’t complicated or new, but it’s still capable of malfunctioning just like that damn printer in your office. The difference is your printer won’t end up killing you if you’re not paying close attention.

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A police officer in Illinois recently found out just how important it is to rely on your own eyes and ears rather than simply assuming the railroad signals are working correctly. Mokena police officer Peter Stanglewicz wasn’t even involved in a pursuit. He was simply driving down the road with the flow of traffic.

An SUV in the opposite lane crosses in front of the train as does one in front of the cruiser and it looks like Stanglewicz is about to do the same as the train enters the frame of his dashcam from the side. At the last minute, he veers left and avoids the train.

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He ends up crossing over the median and coming to a stop sideways in the opposite lane, but both the train and the cruiser are still in one piece. Despite his brush with death, Stanglewicz is quite calm and hardly utters a word, just a quiet, “Geeze,” and a sharp breath. He posted the video on his Facebook page saying,

Throughout my life, I’ve had very little luck. I’ve bought tons of raffle tickets, from little league tickets to charity raffles. Every lottery ticket was a loser. I just thought I wasn’t born with luck at all. Little did I know, I had luck, I was just saving it all up for the perfect time. Here is all my luck being used ALL AT ONCE. If I never win anything again, I’m perfectly fine with that.

Seems like a fair trade to us, too.