Watch a Sinkhole Swallow a Chevrolet Pickup and Split it in Two

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Everyone knows the dangers of driving through large bodies of water. Whether it’s an oversized puddle, a flooded underpass, or a river that’s burst its banks, driving through water is dangerous. You might think what looks like a simple puddle is merely cause to slow down, but the trouble comes from not being able to see what’s in the water or its depth. One driver in Massachusetts learned the perils of driving through water the hard way when a water-filled sinkhole swallowed his pickup.

It happened in Worcester, Massachusetts when a 24-inch water pipe installed back in 1955 decided it was done. This flooded the road and caused a major traffic backup, but to look at it from the driver’s point of view, it was just a big puddle of water.

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Vincent McCue was tired of being stuck in the gridlock caused by the break. That’s when he noticed an access road that avoided all the traffic. The only obstacle was a rather large puddle. No problem for a truck, right?

McCue drove right in and his truck immediately fell nose first into the sinkhole created by the water main break. As it falls, you can see the cab separate from the bed and float loose as McCue scrambles out the driver’s side window.

It didn’t take long for workers to rush to help as McCue sat perched on the edge of his truck. Eventually, the police chief managed to get him to safety. McCue says he though it was just a puddle, but as soon as the truck started to sink he realized he was in big trouble.

The water main break released nearly 7 million gallons and has since been repaired. Things are getting back to normal for residents, but McCue’s truck has definitely seen better days. As for how he feels about driving into the water, McCue knows he made a mistake and he’d really like everyone to stop giving him a hard time.

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When he showed up at the tow yard that eventually dragged his truck from the hole, one of the workers told him, “You really are a bald idiot.” While it may have been a foolish thing to do, it’s easy to see how it looked like a good idea at the time.

Next time you’re tempted to drive through standing water or a flooded river that looks like no big deal, don’t do it. McCue lost his truck, but driving through water could mean losing your life.