Watch an Avalanche Swallow Cars on a Colorado Highway

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Winter brings with it all sorts of driving challenges. There’s snow and ice and sleet and don’t forget your fellow drivers who might not be all that savvy when the white stuff coats the roads. Added to the list of challenges in certain regions is the risk of avalanches, which is exactly what a few unlucky drivers experienced on a Colorado highway.

The good news is no one was hurt in Sunday’s avalanche, just shaken up as a wall of white headed in their direction. The National Weather Service had issued an avalanche warning for Sunday and eventually extended it through Monday.

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Several people on the road caught the avalanche on video as it came down the mountainside. The first video shows it pretty far up the mountain where it looks like it won’t pose any problem to drivers.

It quickly becomes apparent that the avalanche is making it all the way to the road as is it covers a few cars and quickly spreads toward the car recording the video. They slow down, stop, and as the snow heads in their direction, back up to get out of the way suffering only a light covering of snow.

Other cars were more in the line of fire and needed some help getting out. You can see cars partly buried with drivers checking on each other and trying to help each other out of the snow. It takes a village, right?

What’s truly frightening about this is how quickly the avalanche rolls down the mountain. While the first car in the first video had some distance and saw the cloud of snow far enough in advance to take action, the second car didn’t have any time.

It all ended well with no injuries, just some shaken passengers, but it serves as an important reminder to pay attention when you’re driving through the mountains during the winter months. Keep your eye on the road and your surroundings and take head of any warnings.

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Also, be sure to pay attention to any posted signs warning you not to stop in an area because of an avalanche risk. It might be the perfect spot for a picture, but a fast moving avalanche won’t give you time to get back in your car to safety.