Watch an Excavator with a Turbine Clear Snow-Covered Cars the Easy Way

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Unless you keep your car in a garage, you’re going to spend some time clearing off snow and ice in the winter. Even if you do have a garage, it’s going to snow when you’re out and about and that means clearing all the white stuff off so you can drive. Now, imagine you have to clear the snow from thousands of cars every time it snows. You need more than an ice scraper. You need an excavator with a turbine attachment.

We previously shared video of a guy clearing the snow from his car with a leaf blower. This is a cool idea and it works well, but it can only handle some kinds of snow. If the stuff is too heavy or has an icy top, you’re out of luck. The excavator laughs in the face of your heavy, wet snow.

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This video shows the excavator in action at State Line Auto Auctions in Waverly, New York.

It takes just seconds to blast all the snow away and then it’s on to the next car. Now, you probably have questions and Paul Barber answered more than a few in the comments from his Instagram post.

You might wonder if the force of the air doesn’t just strip the paint from the car. Nope, the paint is perfectly fine after the snow is cleared. This isn’t a junk yard. All 7,000 of the cars on the lot need to be kept in good condition so the idea wouldn’t work of it ended up damaging the paint.

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That doesn’t mean the excavator’s track record is perfect. In the four years they’ve been using it to clear the snow, they did manage to blow off a side view mirror once.

If you do the math, that’s 7,000 cars multiplied by every snow storm to hit upstate New York in the last four years. That’s more math than we can handle at BestRide, so let’s just say only one broken mirror proves the process works.

You probably don’t have access to an excavator equipped with a turbine, but we bet you’re trying to figure out how to get your hands on one now.