Watch Burnout Gender Reveal Set the Car on Fire

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It’s an exciting time when you’re pregnant and one of the highlights of the nine-month wait for baby is finding out its gender. Not everyone wants to know, but for those who do want to know, the reveal is a big deal. One couple’s gender reveal plan went horribly wrong when it managed to set a car on fire.

The gender reveal is more than just saying, “Hey, we’re having a girl!” these days. It’s cause for celebration and creativity. Sometimes it’s a cake with a pink or blue interior. Sometimes it’s an explosion of confetti in the appropriate color. There are lots of ways to do this, but it has to be amazing because you’re telling the world the gender of your baby and it’s a big deal.

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This video is from a couple in Australia who decided to do a colorful burnout as a way of revealing their baby’s gender. Cool idea, but the implementation didn’t go as planned.

It all happened a year ago in April and the Queensland Police Service decided to release the video as a warning to others that this isn’t acceptable. It’s apparently a popular choice in Australia and the police have had enough of responding to the resulting fires. This was also done on a public road, which was obscured in a haze of blue smoke making it even more unsafe.

The drone footage of the incident shows everything looking as you might expect at the start. Clouds of blue smoke spew every which way as the car cruises down the road doing a burnout. So far, so good. The moment the car stops, however, the blue smoke turns to jets of flame shooting out from the rear wheels.

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It’s a frightening sight all caught on camera, including people running to the car as the flames die down. The driver and passenger were unhurt, but the police were none too happy. According to Nine News, the 29-year -old driver was convicted of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and paid a fine for his efforts.

If you’re thinking of pulling a similar stunt, consider carefully. Not only could it get you in trouble with the law, it could hurt someone, including you. Stick with confetti-filled balloons and tasty pink and blue cakes instead.