Watch Ken Block Attack China’s Tianmen Mountain

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Ken Block continues to amaze with his latest video. It showcases the insane driving talent this man has and shows just how far he pushes his cars to get the shot. This time, it’s in Climbkhana Two, which has him on Tianmen Mountain in China.

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The road to the top offers a stunning view from a route that’s frightening taken in a regular old production car while obeying the local laws. Block is not in a production car nor does he bother with any silly laws.

Instead he’s at the wheel of his Ford F-150 Hoonitruck. This isn’t your typical Ford F-150. It’s a 914-horsepower beast that Block manhandles up the treacherous road.

The road to the top of Tianmen Mountain extends for 6.8 miles with no less than 99 hard turns on the way to the top. Drivers start out at 658 feet and climb to 4,265 feet in order to reach the top.

This isn’t the first time this impressive road has seen some drifting. It was the setting for the 2013 Drift King event and has seen multiple speed records set and broken over the years.

The first record was set back in 2016 with a Ferrari 458, but has since been broken by a Land Rover Ranger Rover Sport in 2018 and more recently by a Volkswagen ID.R electric race car. The current record is 7 minutes 38.585 seconds in case you were looking to set a new one.

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Block drifts his way through turns, sheet metal coming right up to cement barriers that don’t really look sufficient for keeping him from plummeting over the hillside. And of course there are gratuitous donuts, one involving a panda on a Segway, because this is China, after all.