Watch the Bumper Car Action Caused by SpaceX Rocket Launch

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When we think of distracted driving these days, it’s usually due to smartphones. It’s tough to put those things down and ignore them when you’re driving even though we all know it’s the right thing to do. Some distractions, however, are impossible to avoid. Like a nighttime rocket launch that lights up the sky and looks like an alien invasion.

SpaceX launched a rocket the Friday before Christmas and it looked completely wild. What started as the usual streak of light across the sky eventually blossomed into something that didn’t look familiar at all.

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If you happened check out social media during the launch, then you probably saw posts with captions asking about what the heck was going on in the sky. Most people posted pictures and videos caught from their yards. While it was weird seeing this from your front yard, what happened on the highway during the launch turned out to be a bit more dangerous.

This dashcam video shows the scene unfold on Interstate 10 in Beaumont. It covers the whole launch and if your can tear your eyes away from the rocket, you’ll notice traffic going haywire.

People are braking and swerving a bit as their attention is drawn to the mysterious light in the sky instead of the road. The driver in the car recording the video, who can be clearly heard, immediately identifies it as a rocket and takes note of the traffic slowdown.

It doesn’t take long before someone manages to miss the slowing traffic and rear end another car hard enough to throw it into a third car. It’s an absolute mess with cars not only slowing down unpredictably, but pulling over in the breakdown lane to get a better view. It’s a mess of a situation for drivers.

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This is a good reminder to pay attention to the road when you’re driving, especially when conditions are less than ideal. The minute people stop paying attention, whether it’s due to a giant rocket flying through the sky, an accident, or a breakdown, your chances of being in an accident increase.

Keep your eyes on the road and be aware of what’s happening all around you so you can avoid being the star in this type of video. This includes keeping an eye on the guy behind you who might be about to rear-end you because he’s not paying attention.