Watch the world’s worst crash test fail – Datsun Go – Video

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Watch the world's worst crash test fail - Datsun Go - Video

Nissan’s Datsun Go has been flagged by the Global NCAP agency, one of Europe’s car safety testing organizations, as being so bad it should be pulled from the global marketplace.  The Go scored a “zero” safety rating.  As the video shows the car collapses, and the driver is sent straight to Valhalla upon impact with the test crash structure.  A score this low is so unusual we suspect that Nissan will likely comply with the unusual “stop production” order and redesign the car.

All US Market Cars Are Very Safe

These days the US market cars have only two real safety ratings. Those are given by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS).  Cars that do poorly on the small frontal overlap test or that don’t have forward collision prevention systems rate a “Top Safety Pick” designation.  Those that ace the one challenging test left and do have FCP earn the “Top Safety Pick Plus” designation.  This is no coincidence.  IIHS has done a great job of creating peer pressure in the US market to earn the top ratings and all the US market automakers strive to get the best score possible.

Other Markets Cars Are Not So Safe

The GO is not for sale in the US. The model tested is an Indian market vehicle. The head of Global NCAP did not mince words in the summary of the GO’s poor crash test result, saying “It is extremely disappointing that Nissan has authorized the launch of a brand new model that is so clearly sub-standard. As presently engineered the Datsun Go will certainly fail to pass the United Nation’s frontal impact regulation. In these circumstances, I would urge Nissan to withdraw the Datsun Go from sale in India pending an urgent redesign of the car’s body-shell.”

The crash test results and the dramatic fail by this modern day car show the reason that each market performs its own crash testing of vehicles it authorizes for sale.  In the US, both the US Government and the independent IIHS perform crash testing with IIHS being the leader in this author’s opinion.

Video and still image courtesy of and GlobalNCAP.