What do the Boston Brions Drive

What do the Boston Bruins drive? – Video

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What do the Boston Brions Drive

Cars have always been a part of professional hockey in Boston. Bobby Orr was signed as a Bruin before he was out of high school.  The Bruins lured the young star to the franchise with a package that could hardly be resisted.  There was a $ 1,000 cash payment.  His mom got a bonus too.  She got her house stucco’d.  Bobby got a new suit sized to fit a 14-year-old.   A car was part of the deal too.  Bobby was signed in 1962.  The deal was that the car could not be newer than a 1956 model.  So his dad got a six-year-old ‘56 Chevy.  Of course, Bobby was to play for a farm team far from home, so the car was needed to get him there and back.

The modern day Bruins drive cars that are a bit fancier. Perhaps the fanciest was former Bruin’s star Tyler Seguin, who owned a Maserati.  His car was booted by traffic enforcement in the city while he was a player.  The Maserati epitomized part of the reason that Seguin was traded.  He was growing up too slowly, and the Bruins don’t tolerate any of that nonsense.

Milan Lucic is a dad now, and he has been seen in a full-sized SUV. However, on a recent episode of Behind the B, the Bruins’ behind the scenes show that reveals the players’ lives off ice, Milan seems to be shown in a Porsche Panamera.

What do the Boston Bruins drive?

The B’s captain Zdeno Chara needs a full-size car to squeeze his 6 foot 9 inch self into, so he drives an Aston Martin.  That car was part of a little spat with his luxury condo association over the parking situation.  Bruins defensive sensation Tory Krug is seen putting his gear into a Jeep Grand Cherokee in a recent episode of Behind the B and defensive newbie Zach Trotman drives a Ford F-150.

Assistant Captain Patrice Bergeron cruises to and from games in his Audi Q7. Quite different from his fellow assistant from a couple season back, Andrew Ference, who calls himself “Not a car guy.”  Ference was known to bike to and from games.  Keep in mind this is a winter sport.  He also had a Fisker Karma, which jives well with his environmental beliefs and is a bit easier to drive in snow.