Nevada classic vehicle

What Nevada Considers a “Classic Car” is Hilarious Unless You’re an Environmentalist

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Nevada classic vehicle

Nevada offers a “Classic” way to evade emissions testing.  It is simple, cheap and all aboveboard.

Do you live in Nevada have an old beater you need to register, but which would never pass an emissions test?  Before you go out and spend big bucks on a catalytic converter, EGR valve replacement, or any of that modern-car nonsense, you should know that Nevada has a plan for you.  Simply go to the Nevada DMV’s website and register your soot-belching wreck as a “Classic Vehicle.”  You won’t be breaking any laws, and in fact in order to qualify, Nevada’s rules say that your car must “…have not been customized.”  As long as your car is a quarter-century old you will get to skip the state emissions test.

Nevada Classic

Take the example of the 1987ish Pontiac 6000 in our photo.  Why let a perfectly good sedan go to the wrecker just to meet some trumped-up smog check?  The only other qualification besides the car being over 25 years old is that you can’t drive your beauty more than 5,000 miles per year.  Actually, you can drive it as much as you want to, but you will have to promise the DMV you will keep it under 5K.  According to Kevin Malone of the Nevada DMV  “There aren’t really any checks on that.  It’s pretty much the honor system. We don’t have the authority to call people in just to check the odometers.”  Good to know…

The cost to register your vehicle as a classic is $35.00, plus a .50-cent per plate Prison Industry Fee.   Inmates actually do make license plates.  You also need to kick back six bucks to the Nevada “Pollution Control Account.”  Apparently they are in on it and want a taste of the action.  If you have a really old car, you can register it as a Classic Rod, Street Rod, Old-Timer, Vintage Car, or Horseless Carriage.  And these are just the car categories.  Nobody does old car registration better than the Silver State.

(Main story image courtesy of BestRide fan and Nevada resident Chrissy Krunch.  Hat tip to Patrick Rall for identifying our example car.)