Which Side Are You On? Snowplow Drivers vs. Shovelers

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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, in this corner, the Pride of Lowell, Massachusetts, weighing in at 350 pounds, Dogg the Plow truck driver! And in this corner, from the Hoop City, Springfield, Massachusetts, weighing in at 5,000 pounds, 25 angry shovelers! It’s the Snowdown in the Bay State!

The Driver:

After the storm that covered New England this week, this video from 2013 has been making the rounds again, featuring Dogg, a plow truck driver from the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, who took immense pleasure in plowing in residents that had just shoveled out their driveways.

WARNING: Dogg is from Lowell, and therefore speaks with an Eastern Massachusetts accent that may be offensive to listeners who hate the Patriots. He also swears a lot.


The Shovelers

Apparently the residents of this neighborhood in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts have seen Dogg’s video. A plow truck driver pushed back the snowbanks in the city’s Mason Square neighborhood and was immediately confronted by a band of angry villagers who had been pushing snow all afternoon.


“A snow plow driver clearing Springfield, Massachusetts, streets at the height of this week’s snowstorm was surrounded by about 25 angry residents who pelted his truck with snowballs and chunks of ice, smashing the windshield,” according to NECN.

“City public works Director Chris Cignoli says some of the angry Mason Square residents Tuesday night were even swinging snow shovels.”

It’s a classic battle between municipal workers and residents. Which side are you on?

Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

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