Why Jodie Kidd Turned Down Top Gear

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Jodie Kidd
Image: Londonpixels

Appearing as a presenter on Top Gear seems like a pretty sweet gig. You get to drive amazing cars, travel around the world, and have nice chats with celebrities who attempt the Top Gear track. It seems like the kind of thing no one in their right mind would turn down, but that’s exactly what Jodie Kidd did when she was approached about co-hosting the show.

Every since it all went pear shaped earlier this year, the world has been eagerly awaiting announcements about who will be the new presenters and what will happen to the old trio. Chris Evans is the new host, but his co-hosts have yet to be revealed. This leaves everyone debating who those co-hosts might be, and although Kidd was in the running, she has confirmed that she is out.

According to The Telegraph, there were conversations about her co-hosting, but she made the decision not to become a part of the show. She already presents The Classic Car Show, has an impressive collection of cars, was once a professional race car driver, and even set a Top Gear Star in a Reasonably Priced Car record-so what gives?

Kidd said it would simply be too time consuming. She’s a single mom and she’s already very busy, so adding Top Gear to her to-do list would take over her life. The old trio of hosts has been quoted many times saying that it was an all day, every day job and Kidd simply isn’t willing to give up the balance she has in her life right now. As cool as Top Gear might be, having time for work, relaxation, and her family are more important to her than being on the most famous car show, in the world.

Not only would it be difficult for her personally and professionally to devout so much time to one project, there would be a tremendous amount of pressure on her to succeed. Anyone stepping in to replace Clarkson, Hammond, and May is going to face intense scrutiny and constant judgement from a public that can be terribly harsh.

It will be all consuming for whoever takes the job next to Evans, so it must be something that the new presenters are prepared to go all in for and commit to 100 percent. Whoever they pick to stand alongside Evans will be in for a tough road. Kidd will now be able to watch all the action from the sidelines, enjoying it like the rest of us rather than stressing out about how it all plays out.