Wife Trashes Husband’s Audi R8 After He Cheats, Ouch.

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Cheating on your spouse is bad and the consequences can be emotionally devastating for those involved. It can also be financially devastating, particularly if your wife gets so angry that she completely destroys your fancy car, in this case, a bright red Audi R8.

That’s exactly what happened to one guy when his wife found out that he’d been cheating. Mind you, she did’t just beat up the car a little, but completely destroyed the thing. It looks like she started by taking out her anger on the outside of it by using something sharp to carve a few choice thoughts into the paint to make sure he knew exactly how she felt about his cheating ways. There are also dollar signs carved into the paint as a handy reminder of how much money it would take to put this back together.

She then moved on and grabbed something larger to wreak additional havoc by smashing in the glass over the engine, what looks like every light, and even give a good whack to the windshield. Not content with destroying the outside, she then took to the inside, giving us all a good look at parts of the Audi R8 that were never intended to be seen by the public’s eyes.

Who knew that beneath that fancy dashboard display was a bunch of white plastic bits? You can now also see what the interior cushioning looks like thanks to rips in the leather seats that have left a bunch of the insides on display like a gazelle gutted by a lion.

Audi R8 Trashed

Looking at the dashboard, you can’t help but wonder how she actually did all that damage. What household implement is capable of puncturing the dashboard and then gouging a tear in that thick plastic? Perhaps the husband had a fancy set of garden tools that were destroyed along with the car.

As a final insult, it looks like this poor Audi R8 was left sitting out, enjoying the weather as it’s full of leaves. The car looks to be a total write-off, so cheating husband will be buying a new one, assuming he has anything left after what looks like the beginnings of a very nasty divorce.

Let this be a lesson to everyone that cheating is bad and nothing good will come of it for you, your spouse, or any of your precious belongings. I wonder what that woman did to the rest of his stuff?