Win $10K by Naming GM’s New eBike Brand

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Hybrid and electric vehicles are more popular every day and automakers are working to bring those technologies to their lineups. General Motors is onboard with the idea and already has vehicles like the Chevy Bolt EV and Chevy Volt. Now they’re expanding to include ebikes and need your help with a name.

The new ebike brand is set to launch next year and is a part of GM’s plan to offer zero-emission transportation options. Although this isn’t a solution for everyone, it will definitely help for those who live in the city and want an easier way to get around town.

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The first two products in the lineup will be foldable electrified bicycles. Not only are the bikes good for those who live in the city, they also serve those who may take other transportation into the city and could use another solution at the start and end of their trip.

The ebikes are a great way to get to public transport like the subway or bus and then get from wherever they drop you off to the office. Since the bikes are compact, they’ll be easy to take with you and could even fit in your car so commuters could park a little further out in congested areas.

What GM hasn’t figured out just yet is a name and that’s where you come in to the picture. The eBike Brand Challenge is your chance to come up with a name for the company. Entries will be accepted through November 26 for judging by GM. The winner will be announced on January 31.

“As an avid cyclist and urban commuter, I know how great it feels to get where I’m going easily and to show up sweat-free,” said Hannah Parish, director of General Motors Urban Mobility Solutions. “We blended electrification engineering know-how, design talents and automotive-grade testing with great minds from the bike industry to create our eBikes. Now we want to expand our thinking beyond the company walls and hear from people who like to move and have rad ideas.”

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First prize is $10,000 with 9 finalists getting $1,000 each. That’s a pretty nice way to start the new year. Now, before you go thinking Bikey McBike Face is a good name for the company, know there are some guidelines.

GM will evaluate entries to see how well each adheres to the brand mission, if it’s inspiring, if it works in multiple languages, and if it’s trademarkable. You’re going to have to work if you want to bring home the prize.