Woman Gets Head Stuck in Tailpipe

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We’ve all done stupid things. If you’re lucky, then the stupid things you’ve done were not captured on video so millions of people laugh at you. The woman in this video stuck her head in a tailpipe and she was not so lucky.

If you’re wondering how that even happens, first realize this wasn’t a stock tailpipe like you’d find on the back of the average Camry. Those aren’t big enough to fit your head. Maybe your hand or an arm, we’re not really sure, but please don’t try it and complain to us if you get stuck.

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This particular tailpipe was of the big, modified variety and it was attached to the back of a Chevrolet Silverado. The location for this whole spectacle was a country music festival in Minnesota. You might imagine alcoholic beverages were involved and you’d be right, despite the woman in question being only 19-years-old.

Kaitlyn Strom was at the Winstock Country Music Festival in Winston, Minnesota when she saw this giant tailpipe and thought it was so big her head would fit inside. She was right. It did fit inside. The problem was getting her head back out again.

Her head got good and stuck and the local fire department was called to free her from captivity. It took about 45 minutes for the department to cut the tailpipe off the truck and eventually remove it from her head.

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They gave her a medical evaluation and she was fine, but that whole underage drinking thing did get her a citation by the local sheriff’s office. While some people might try to find the nearest rock to hide under while the internet laughed, Strom is taking it all in stride.


Strom also said she’s simply letting the nasty comments online roll off her back as a lesson on the kind of person she doesn’t want to be, which is a darn fine take-away. We have to give her credit for just embracing the whole thing and laughing at herself.


While she’s getting her 15 minutes and having a good time, the tailpipe is also getting a shot at fame. It’s now on display at a place called Darwin Tavern where it’s being billed as “the most famous tailpipe in Minnesota,” It’s pretty hard to argue they’re wrong.