Woman drives lexus off parking garage roof - walks away

Woman walks away after triple-Lindy off garage roof in Lexus RX 350 -Video

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Woman drives lexus off parking garage roof - walks away

HawaiiNewsNow reported yesterday that Ms. Beatrice Taba tested the roof-crush strength in her Satin Cashmere Metallic Lexus RX 350.  She did this by driving off the fourth floor roof of the garage and hitting “nothing but air” until coming to rest upside down four floors below.  The best part of the story is that Bea walked away from the event.

According to reports, Ms. Taba’s fantastic journey was an accident. “Witnesses thought she might have hit the gas instead of the brake and crashed through the cables” according to HawaiiNewsNow. We are not buying it. Our speculation is that Ms. Taba was a huge Evil Knieval fan and decided the time was right to check off a bucket list item.


Bea’s living through her spectacular gravity check is a testament to the new roof-crush standards developed by safety testing organization the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). IIHS set the bar high.  To earn a top score, a vehicle must now be able to withstand four times its own weight on one corner of the front part of the roof.  This is, of course, in case you roll your vehicle and then three other identical vehicles are immediately placed atop yours by clowns form the Benny Hill show.

IIHS tested the Lexus RX 350 crossover and found that it could withstand 4.27 times its weight while on its roof before the roof deformed the allowable 5 inches. In Bea’s test, the roof seems to have done even better as you can see in the photos.  Ms. Taba crawled out of her Lexus herself. After being taken to the hospital, she was listed in stable condition at the time of this writing.

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Draw your own conclusions about why this “accident” happened. We are just glad that Ms. Taba is doing well. This is an automotive bucket list item we had not heard of before. If you have one of your own please tell us about it below, but let’s try to keep it PG-13.