You Can Buy a Used Formula E Electric Race Car

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Used cars are commonplace You see them for sale at dealerships and on the side of the road everywhere you go. What’s not commonplace is for those used cars to be race cars. You won’t see race cars with cardboard signs stuck in the windshield in your neighbor’s driveway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy one. With a second generation about to make its debut, a used first-generation Formula E electric car can now be yours.

The original cars have been running the Formula E circuit for four years, so when they say used, they mean it. These aren’t cars that simply took a leisurely spin around the neighborhood. They took numerous laps full-out on the racing circuit.

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They served a purposed, but now they’re old technology and the teams have no use for them out on the track. Rather than putting them in storage somewhere to molder away as forgotten relics, you can buy one if you have enough cash.

There are 40 Formula E vehicles available for prices ranging from $200,000 to $289,000 each, which makes them darned expensive used cars. It is still far less than what the series paid for the cars before they leased them out to the various teams, so maybe you can consider them a bargain.

Some of the cars might be sold to the teams that originally leased them, but the rest are for sale to the public. If you have the cash to buy one, have at it, but these used cars don’t come with the same kinds of warranties and inspection check as the ones you buy from the dealership.

Remember, these cars weren’t made to suit the tastes of the buying public. They were purpose-built for racing. This means they the motors are a bit on the loud side and that the batteries held only enough juice to manage half of each 40-lap race. Drivers pitted midway and jumped into a second car to finish up the remaining laps.

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You won’t find these Formula E cars advertised for sale anywhere. It’s more a case of, “if you know, you know,” and then you can go ahead and buy one. You won’t be able to drive it on the street either, so no impressing your coworkers when you pull up into the office parking lot.

Still, these have quite the legacy making them collector’s items that could be worth a good bit more than what you pay for one today. If you have that kind of cash on hand, now’s your chance.