You Can Roll Like Mad Men In Don Draper’s ’65 Cadillac Coupe

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Don in caddy

Here is your chance to buy the Cadillac Coupe DeVille that went with Don Draper on his road to enlightenment.

The last of the iconic Mad Men cars is going up for sale this month on  The actual car Don drove will be auctioned off on-line starting on July 31st and concluding on August 6th.  This is not a replica, but the real Cadillac DeVille with a certificate of authenticity from Lion’s Gate Entertainment.

Near the end of its run, Mad Men has Don Draper hitting the road Jack Kerouac style.  During season seven, episode 12, he is in his ’65 Cadillac driving the country.  A small problem with his Cadillac leads him to the hotel where he meets the boy who steals the money form the VFW guys.  We learn a lot about Don’s inner workings and his loyalty to his beliefs in these last few special episodes.

don and drifter caddy
Don takes the fall for the boy’s theft and gives him some sage advice about what it means to change one’s identity.  In episode 13 (the second to last of the show) he gives his Cadillac to the hotel boy, who cannot believe his luck.

don gives away caddy

There will be no more Mad Men episodes.  This is the last car used in the series and is sure to become a collectible.

don draper's car


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