10 Reliable Used Cars Under $10K

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2006 MINI Cooper SIf you are looking for dependable transportation for less than $10K, then buying new will provide you with exactly zero options. However, if you consider the possibilities in the used car market, they are seemingly endless.

Now if you are searching for a vehicle that will inspire and excite you, this little group may leave you looking. If you are about finding a reliable, fuel efficient car at a price that won’t break the bank, here are 10 of them. Prices and availability will vary depending upon where you live, so check with used car websites like BestRide.com to find a vehicle that is just right for you.

2008 Pontiac Vibe

As a conjunctive project between GM and Toyota, the 2008 Vibe shares many of the best characteristics of the Toyota Corolla. Its spacious passenger compartment and large cargo area provide a practical solution to consumers seeking the room of a SUV with the handling of a sports car.

Average Used Price: $7,600

Estimated EPA Fuel Mileage: (city/highway) 26/33

2008 Mazda Mazda3

The 2008 Mazda3 offers great fuel economy, outstanding reliability, and extensive standard safety features all wrapped up in a sporty shell. The athletic four-cylinder engine yields smooth acceleration and the front-wheel drive configuration provides traction in all climates.

Average Used Price: $8,500

Estimated EPA Fuel Mileage: 22/29

2011 Nissan Versa

The 2011 Versa is a compact car that is sold as either a sedan or a hatchback. The hatchback version is perfect for consumers that want a small car with loads of cargo space. Many were sold with manual transmissions, so if you like shifting your own gears, this may be the car for you.

Average Used Price: $9,000

Estimated EPA Fuel Mileage: 26/31

2005 Acura TL

Acura vehicles are known for providing exceptional value and the 2005 TL is no exception. It is manufactured by the Honda Motor Corporation so you know that is reliable and comfortable. Acura sedans offer a luxurious interior and an exterior with plenty of curb appeal.

Average Used Price: $9,999

Estimated EPA Fuel Mileage: 20/29

2005 Toyota Avalon

This is a full-size sedan for under $10K. The Avalon is the flagship of Toyota, so you know that it provides great reliability. It is powered by a potent V6 engine and the drivetrain is of a front-wheel configuration. The Avalon features a spacious interior and a windswept exterior dynamic that rivals that of more expensive European sedans.

Average Used Price: $9,600

Estimated EPA Mileage: 22/31

2008 Hyundai Sonata

“Comfortable” and “reliable” are two adjectives that are frequently used to describe the 2008 Sonata. It is certainly not glamorous but it does provide consumers with a reliable vehicle at a reasonable price. The Sonata has really evolved over the years and this one is worth looking into.

Average Used Price: $8,000

Estimated EPA Fuel Mileage: 21/30

2005 Acura TSX

Yes, another Acura; these cars are widely recognized for their style and performance. The luxurious upscale interior is focused on the driving experience and the athletic exterior will turn heads anywhere you drive. This car is ripe with features and reasonably priced, particularly for a luxury sedan.

Average Used Price: $7,300

Estimated EPA Fuel Mileage: 22/31

2005 BMW 325i

For some driving enthusiasts, European vehicles are the only solution to the driving equation. The 325i is an entry level sedan designed to provide a comfortable ride and premium reliability for years to come. If you have dreamed of owning a BMW, this is your opportunity to do so without breaking the bank.

Average Used Price: $9,999

Estimated EPA Fuel Mileage: 19/27

2007 Honda Fit

The Fit is a very basic compact hatchback that provides outstanding fuel economy and “Honda” reliability. Consumers searching for a sporty hatchback with room for four passengers and additional cargo in the back will feel good about the Fit.

Average Used Price: $9,200

Estimated EPA Fuel Mileage: 31/37

2008 Kia Optima

Kia is another Korean automaker that provides extraordinary bang for the buck when it comes to sedans. They had “worked the bugs out” of the Optima by 2008 and it is a fantastic car for the money. High quality materials in the interior give it a classic feel and the exterior resembles every other mid-size sedan of the day.

Average Used Price: $8,800

Estimated EPA Fuel Mileage: 21/31

2006 MINI Cooper S

If your tastes run a little more to the adventurous side, then you will like the 2006 MINI Cooper S. This zippy little British sports car offers a supercharged four-cylinder engine and great handling. This fun ride is loaded with features and guaranteed to make you smile.

Average Used Price: $9,000

Estimated EPA Fuel Mileage: 22/30

S.M. Darby

S.M. Darby

I am a freelance author with over 25 years of experience as a professional, ASE certified automotive technician and shop owner, muscle car enthusiast, avid street racer, and classic car restoration specialist.