BUYER’S GUIDE: Top 5 Buying Tips for Seniors

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As a senior, if it’s been awhile since you last bought a new car, then you might be surprised, and not by the price. Cars are not only safer thanks to new technologies, they’re also more complicated. That simple radio is gone, replaced by a complex infotainment system making it a little overwhelming to sit behind the wheel. These tips will help make the process of buying your next new car easier.

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Senior Drivers - Third Age Suit

Easy Access

A sports car might seem like a heck of a lot of fun, but it’s important to be able to live with your car everyday. Getting into and out of a sports car can be difficult because they’re so low to the ground, so a better choice might be a sedan.

Those who are looking for more space and some cargo room should take a look at SUVs. Consider a crossover or smaller SUV rather than one that’s full-size and may be difficult to climb into over time.

Comfort Matters

Make sure you are truly comfortable in your new car before you buy. The seat should be adjustable to a position that feels right and lets you easily reach the controls and steering wheel. An adjustable steering wheel can make this easier.

Also, be sure you can see all around the car and that there’s no angle that’s too difficult to view, requiring awkward twisting. If you can’t see all around the car or you can’t get comfortable in the seat, then move along to the next choice.

Safety First

Safety matters so be sure you understand the features in your new car. Select safety features may cost extra, but they are a worthy investment. Look for rear cameras, blind spot monitoring, and parking sensors. Don’t know how these things work? Ask the salesman to show you so you understand how to use them when you drive off the lot.

Beware Too Much Technology

The days of cars coming with a simple push-button radio with AM and FM only are long gone. Today’s infotainment systems are complex and that means they can also be distracting. Don’t opt for the latest and greatest unless you’re someone who wants to use all that technology.

Navigation systems are wonderful, but not if they’re so confusing that they distract rather than aid with driving. Spend some time getting a demonstration of your potential new car’s infotainment system to make sure you understand the features you want to use everyday.

Consider Reliability

No one wants to get stuck on the side of the road. As a senior, getting to help might be difficult so you need a car that’s reliable. Research a car’s reliability to find out how it will do in the real-world. Even if you don’t drive often, if you’re planning on keeping your car for the long term, then you want to be sure it won’t be a maintenance headache in a few years.

Buying a car is a complex process no matter your age. These tips will help make sure you leave the dealership with the right car for your golden years.