BUYERS GUIDE: 5 Used Coupes That Are Quick And Unique

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BestRide has selected five of the best great-looking coupes available used right now.

This list of great used coupes includes affordable models that are both sporty and good looking.  Unlike the Mustang and Camaro coupes we all see so often, the coupes on this list are relatively rare and come with some level of exclusivity.

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cts coupe 2012

Cadillac CTS Coupe

It was the CTS that helped Cadillac gets its groove back in the early 2000s.  The sedan was nice, but the coupe introduced in 2011 was the epitome of the Art and Science design language Cadillac has come to be defined by. Great looking from all angles, the CTS looks amazing from the rear 3/4 view or the back. There is something a little sinister about the CTS coupe. Darth Vader would drive this car back in the Anakin days.

Available in rear-wheel drive or AWD, and with a stick shift in some trims, the CTS Coupe is great with either its 3.6-liter, 304 hp V6, or the mighty CTS-V version with its smoking V8.  BestRide has CTS coupe listings in the mid-$20Ks.  Black is a great color for any coupe, but on the CTS Coupe, it is amazing.

elr 14

Cadillac ELR

Looking for a great-looking American coupe, but also trying to be green?

Then the Cadillac ELR is your perfect pre-owned ride. Shown no love at the showroom by buyers due to its high new-car price tag, the ELR is a fun to drive, green coupe with a very similar look to the CTS Coupe. The family resemblance is clear to the eye, but the slightly smaller looking ELR is a cab-forward design driving the front wheels.

Shoppers will find used ELRs in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 model years. Barely driven ELRs have discounts off of the new car MSRP of as much as 40% and can be had in the $40Ks.

2003 Infiniti G Coupe
Infiniti G35 / G37 Coupe

Back before every Infiniti was a Q-something, it built a fantastic-looking, rear-drive performance coupe with a touch of luxury called the G35 Coupe.

The fun thing about shopping for a used G35 or G37 Coupe (the engine changed to a 3.7-liter and that is why there are two model numbers) is that the oldest G35s (2002-2007) look the best. Maybe just as enticing is that a good three-year-old G37 Coupe can be found in the mid-$20ks. Rear-wheel drive, available with a stick, and always packing one of Infiniti’s great V6 engines, the G37 Coupe is as fun to drive as it is to look at.

Honda Factory Performance HFP Package 2013 Accord Coupe.
Honda Factory Performance HFP Package 2013 Accord Coupe.

Honda Accord V6 Coupe

The Honda Accord V6 Coupe checks many of the boxes for a stylish and sporty coupe:
– Great looking – check
– V6 Power – check
– Stick Shift – check
– Neutral handling on a track – check

Yes, as crazy as this might seem, we have tracked the Accord V6 Coupe, and it was an ideal car for drifting neutrally through corners. With its low weight and about 280 hp, the Accord V6 Coupe is one of the quickest cars on this list. Honda has even done special, high output versions. The 2013 Accord HFP Coupe may be the best for those who want performance.

The Accord Coupe is no stranger to the BestRide car listings. In addition to V6 models with either an automatic or stick shift transmission, Honda also dropped its reliable and frugal four-cylinder into the Accord Coupe.

IS350C 600

Lexus IS 350C Coupe Convertible

Can’t decide if you want a coupe or a convertible? Why not get both?

The Lexus IS 350C coupe/convertible was available in model years 2010 through 2015. The hardtop IS 350C sports rear-wheel drive, 306 hp, and a paddle-shifted 6-speed auto. Avoid the lower-powered and dog slow IS 250C. Like the V6 Accord, the IS 350C can run to sixty in about 5.5 seconds, making it quick around town. One unique aspect of the IS 350C is that it has no B-pillar.  That means that with the top up, the side glass can be lowered opening up the entire side of the car for cruising.

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