The BestRide/Car Talk Ultimate Guide to Winter Driving Makes Winter More Manageable

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Despite the fact that in Boston, we’re experiencing 70 degree temperatures in early November, there’s no getting around the fact that winter is on its way. With that in mind, we’ve put together the Ultimate Guide To Winter Driving, a comprehensive guide to winter driving with our friends from Car Talk.

Approximately 70% of all roads in the United States experience annual snowfall of five inches or more. 70 percent of the country’s entire population will experience five inches of snow this winter. Regardless, just a small percentage of us are truly prepared for what winter will throw at us, and it results in 116,000 injuries and 1,300 deaths every year.

GM truck sales way upIn researching the Ultimate Guide to Winter Driving we came across some startling facts:

  • Every Driver’s Ed. class we looked at canceled driving classes when school canceled for inclement weather, providing students with virtually no real-world driving education in the snow or ice
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ official driver’s manual devotes just 201 words to driving in the winter. That’s just 45 words more than it expends on what to do if your car stalls on the railroad tracks

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Driving starts to fill in the gaps in your winter driving knowledge. We’ve enlisted experts for advice including:

  • The five types of skids and how to react to them by Wyatt Knox from Team O’Neil Rally School, which Road & Track called “The finest rally school in the country,” and which runs a comprehensive winter driving program at its facility in Dalton, New Hampshire
  • Winter tire advice from Tire Rack’s Matt Edmonds, who tests and rates all major brands of winter tires at the company’s facility in South Bend, Indiana
  • What to look for in a winter tire from Michelin’s Senior Technical Marketing Manager Ron Margadonna
  • Information on how to see and be seen from Bosch North America and 3M
  • Tips on maintenance before and during the winter from Car Talk
  • Essential items you’ll want to have in your trunk this winter

No matter what the thermometer says this week, we’re steadily sliding into winter. Read the guide and prepare yourself for your best winter driving season ever.

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