Welcome to the New Age: Accessories to Modernize Your Older Vehicle

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Woman using the infotainment system in a Tesla/Image Credit: Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash

The Future is here. Maybe not the one from “Back to the Future” with hoverboards, but the technology that’s available to consumers now is seriously impressive. In recent years, the automotive industry has fully embraced high-tech gadgets like backup cameras, smart cruise control, and tablet-sized infotainment screens. But not everyone can get – or wants to get – a brand-new vehicle just to enjoy our technological advances. So, we’ve compiled a list of accessories that can transform any vehicle from 2000-and-late to 3008.

Dash Camera

Thinkware X1000 Dash Camera/Image Credit: Thinkware

Very few vehicles come with factory-installed dash cameras, but it’s a great accessory to have on any car. A dash cam is one of those “hopefully you’ll never really need it, but when you do, you’ll be very happy you had it” gadgets – coming in handy if you’re in an accident or need to file an insurance claim. Because of their usefulness, there are countless options to choose from at a variety of price points. They usually mount — as the name suggests — on your dashboard, though some can be placed higher, near your rearview mirror.

Bluetooth Adapter

Nulaxy KM18 Color Bluetooth FM Transmitter/Image Credit: Nulaxy

In our humble opinion, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are some of the best technologies in new cars today. But if you drive an older vehicle without this option, don’t despair! You can still listen to your tunes pretty easily in your vehicle with a Bluetooth adapter. While not adding the full touchscreen experience, an adapter allows you to use your phone through your car’s speakers, so you can blast your favorite Spotify playlist while you drive. These accessories will either plug into your car’s accessory outlet or aux port, depending on which one you buy.

Wireless Charger

Belkin Wireless Charging Vent Mount/Image Credit: Belkin

Now, if your phone is playing DJ while you’re driving, it might need some extra juice to last the journey. USB ports are common on a lot of vehicles, even those with less technology. But what if you forgot your charging cord, or lost it in the void that is the crack between the car seats? A wireless phone charger might be the more convenient option for you. Of course, you’ll need a phone that has wireless charging capability, but if you do, the chargers are super simple to use. Some even double as a phone mount, so you can keep using Google Maps uninterrupted.

Backup Camera

Garmin Wireless Backup Camera/Image Credit: Garmin

Starting in 2018, all new cars sold in the United States must have a backup camera as standard equipment. But, if your car was made before then, there’s a decent chance it doesn’t have a camera. Luckily, there are countless options available for aftermarket backup cameras, and they’re pretty easy to install. Once you have one, you won’t want to go back, as they make pulling out of parking spots and tight squeezes a breeze.

Back-Seat Tablet Mount

Car Headrest Tablet Mount/Image Credit: CTA Digital

Let’s face it: it can be hard to keep the kiddos happy on long road trips, especially if you don’t have a fancy minivan or SUV with Blu-ray players for the back seats. But if you already own a tablet, getting a headrest mount is a super convenient and inexpensive alternative. This mount puts a tablet in the same spot as those built-in screens, the perfect place for your children to watch their favorite cartoons, shows, and videos on your next family vacation.

Remote Starter

DroneMobile remote start app/Image Credit: Arctic Start

Wherever you live, it’s likely you deal with some type of extreme weather during the year. (Unless you live in a paradise-like Hawaii, in which case, we’re very jealous!) Climbing into your car during boiling summers or freezing winters is no fun, but having a remote start system on your vehicle makes things a lot more pleasant. This gadget allows you to turn on your car before you get in and get that heat or A/C blasting ASAP.

With the right accessories, you can turn any vehicle into your own high-tech sanctuary. But if that FOMO is too strong to resist, or you just really need an upgrade, we’ve got you covered on that too. BestRide makes it simple to find the exact car you’re looking for, so start your search for that perfect vehicle with a backup camera, DVD players, and remote start.

Kasey McNerney

Kasey McNerney

Kasey McNerney is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, and inherited her interest in cars from her dad. She previously worked at Phoenix Raceway, where she assisted with communications for NASCAR events. Currently, Kasey writes automotive content for BestRide and works with auto and auto-adjacent businesses to strengthen their social media presence.