CAR DOCTOR Q&A: Can I Drive a Pontiac Grand Prix That’s Rolled Over?

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Sometimes somebody asks if it’s ok to continue driving a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix that’s been rolled four times. Today is that day.

Q. I have a 2006 supercharged 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix. It ran well until I rolled it four times about a month ago. The body is still fine and it landed upside down and it sat that way for a couple of hours. As far as I know the engine turned off right away. Do you think it is worth trying to fix the car?

A. There are many things to look at including the body of the car. Although you said the body looked fine, there may be some structural damage you can’t see.

Regarding the engine and transmission, if the engine did shut off immediately, then there may be no damage.

If the car ran upside down for more than a minute or two the engine would have been starved for oil and could have internal damage. Before starting the car make sure all the fluids are full, the brakes work and the electrical system is intact.

If the engine starts up and is quiet and the transmission shifts properly, I would consider having a body shop check to see that there is no hidden structural damage before spending any significant money on the car.

You could probably find a low-mileage supercharged Pontiac Grand Prix for less.

For less than $10k, you could be driving the V-8-powered GXP.

Grand Prix GXP

One last thing: if you were driving this car and didn’t get hurt, I would buy a lottery ticket because you are one lucky guy.