Car Doctor Q&A: Cranky Honda

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It’s pretty rare to hear about a Honda with an intermittent electrical problem. That’s usually reserved for the British. AAA Car Doctor John Paul investigates.

Q.My wife has a 2006 Honda that sometimes won’t start. When it doesn’t start usually by the time I get to the car it starts right up. Recently it didn’t start and I heard a relay clicking in the fuse box. Thinking I found the problem I replaced the relay and all was fine for about two weeks when the car wouldn’t start again. We did have the battery and starter replaced about nine months ago, so I’m pretty sure there are no problems there. Any suggestions?


A.The problem could be related to the wiring from the ignition switch to the starter or the ignition switch itself. I have seen this ignition switch fail on occasion causing an intermittent no-start condition. To replace the ignition switch takes an experienced technician about 90 minutes and the part, depending where purchased ranges from about $30-$70.