Car Doctor Q&A: My 2005 Ford Plow Truck Won’t Stay Running

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You may not want to hear it, but winter is just around the corner and everybody’s trying to get snowblowers and plow trucks up and running again. AAA Car Doctor John Paul has some advice for the owner of one Ford truck that won’t idle.

Q: I have a 10 year old Ford pick-up truck that I use to plow snow and right now it won’t stay running. When I start it up it will run for a minute or two and then when I turn the lights and heater on it quits. The other problem is it doesn’t like to crank over when the engine gets hot, if I do manage to keep it running. This truck doesn’t get used on the road just to plow my driveway, so I don’t want to invest too much in it.


A: I would start by looking at the battery ground wire. Some of these old Fords are famous for losing the ground wire to the engine block. The main ground wire runs from the battery to a clamp on the chassis and then to the engine block. The wire can fail at the chassis ground. There should be a small wire coming off the battery with the large wires, if it shows signs of melting you know you have a problem.