Car Doctor Q&A: Swapping Seats In a Chevrolet Colorado

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This week, AAA’s Car Doctor John Paul gets a question on swapping the uncomfortable seats from an older Chevrolet Colorado. Maybe swap in some Captain’s Chairs from a 1970s Custom Van.

Q. I just inherited a Chevrolet Colorado extended cab pickup and I hate the front seats. These seats don’t recline and generally lack any back support. I would like to know if seats are interchangeable between manufacturers. Can I swap them out with other seats from another car/truck and do I need to worry about airbags?

A. This is where the internet and YouTube can be your friend. The awesome folks at and — who helped Craig Fitzgerald out on his preview of the current Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon — identified one popular swap with seats out of a Hummer H3, the basis for which is the same as the Chevrolet Colorado.

Car Doctor Hummer H3 Seats
The seats will be slightly taller but otherwise are a direct fit and much more comfortable. You will need to add 12 volt power for the electric seat controls. Regarding the airbags, what is nice about the Hummer H3 seat swap there are no side airbags in these seats and it appears that the seat sensors are an easy connection to your Colorado wiring harness.