Hilarious Pre-Owned Mini Cooper Ad: Better Than Peanut M&M’s

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Sometimes work gets boring, no matter how much you like your job. There are days when you’ve simply had enough. Sometimes that means calling in sick, but other times it means you show up for work and go a little off the rails.

The latter scenario is what happened to the guy who wrote the description for this listing of a 2013 MINI Cooper Hardtop at Flow MINI of Raleigh in North Carolina.

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The ad seems normal enough at first glance. There’s a picture of said MINI in front of the dealership with the unassuming title, “Preowned 2013 MINI Cooper Hardtop.” All the requisite info is included with fuel economy, color, mileage and plenty of photos. Scroll a little further to the description and that’s where things take a bit of a turn.

Our hero, because he is a hero, describes this particular MINI as “literally the cleanest three-year-old vehicle I have ever seen,” which is high praise coming from a guy who has probably seen quite a few used cars. You might wonder what he means when he says “literally” given how the word has come under much discussion lately.

He understands this could be confusing, so he clarifies in the most brilliant way possible.

This is literally the cleanest 3 year old vehicle I have ever seen. And I do not mean literally in the figurative way, like many people use it. As in, “Hey! Peanut M and Ms are literally the best thing ever!” Come on people! Sure, they are a delicious chocolatey snack wrapped around an irresistably crunchy peanut, but its not literally the best thing ever. What about a Kit Kat bar or classic ice cream sandwich..? Seriously, even the proverbial Sliced Bread has clearly definied its greatness in the upper echelons, WAY above a Peanut M and M. Slap some real peanut butter on that sliced bread. Sprinkle some M and Ms on that and serve it with a side of frozen Kit Kats and BOOM! Now you have the literal best thing ever…. I am starting to think I may be too hungry to write vehicle descriptions…

There’s no mincing words in that description. He’s trying to sell you the peanut butter bread with M&M’s and Kit Kats of the automotive world. Bet you didn’t even know such a thing existed, but now that you do, you’re craving both a delicious, chocolate treat and a MINI.

Well done, vehicle description guy. Well done.

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