Moving To a New City? Should You Keep Your Car?

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transporting your vehicle when movingSo you’re making a move to a bustling city with great public transportation and you’re not sure if you want to sell or keep your car? Any way you cut it, the process of moving your belongings AND a vehicle can be a daunting task – especially if you’re a one-woman or one-man team! If you’re a car collector, this post isn’t for you because you probably already factored in vehicle storage.



You want to sell your car

Research the market and determine a fair selling price

Cars like vans, sedans and trucks tend to sell quickly because the majority of buyers in the used auto market are looking for these types of vehicles. Convertibles, on the other hand, sell better in the spring and summer because sunshine is on the minds of buyers.

Do a quick check to evaluate the cost of your vehicle over at Kelly Blue Book. If you’re driving around in a completely custom ride, it might take a while to find a potential buyer because of pricing conflicts (be prepared to sit). However, you might get lucky and find someone who is willing to pay top dollar for the goods!

Prep your car for sale

This step is critical to maximize your sale potential! Clean it out, fix any dents / scratches / superficial damages, get it serviced, and wash it up. Curb appeal goes a long way. Besides, even if your car’s internal components are fine-tuned, if it looks crummy on the outside then potential prospects will assume the same about the inside. The rule of “don’t judge a book by its cover” goes out the window for most when purchasing a new ride.

Get it out there

Photograph the car’s exterior and interior and post photos on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Get on Craigslist and make a listing. If you live in a safe area with a fair amount of traffic, park your car near the street. Also, if you’re using it in the interim, put “For Sale” on the back window with your phone number and drive around town – you’ll be a moving billboard.

You want to move your car

Prep your car for the move

If you choose to bring your car along for the ride (no pun intended) there are a few important items you should look into. For example, if you’re moving out of state, emission standards vary from one state to the next so be sure to look into this beforehand. Neglecting state laws can put you at risk for earning hefty fines! Call the state MVD to figure out what inspections / tests your car must pass. Also, check with your insurance provider to note any changes in your monthly premium.

Check viable moving options

If you’re not personally moving your belongings, consider hiring a reputable national / international moving company. Whether you’re moving to Vancouver on the west coast or  moving to Toronto on the east coast, you might need two different service providers (one for your car and one for the rest of your gear). Professional auto movers specialize in shipping automobiles and they will transport your car on one of those trucks that you often see stocked with cars while driving on the highway. To save money, you can opt for terminal-to-terminal service as opposed to door-to-door service. Terminal-to-terminal simply means “you drop your car off at a hub in city ‘A’and pick it up at a hub in city ‘B'”. This is cheaper than getting it delivered to your new home’s front doorstep. Otherwise, if you don’t want to rack your vehicle atop a truck, you can find a certified car mover to drive it car to the end destination.

Just for reference purposes, the estimated cost to move an average-sized 4-door vehicle from one coast to the next can range from $1000-2000.

Regardless of your end decision, it’s imperative to research any type of moving service: go online and read reviews, call different service providers, get multiple quotes and always ask about property coverage.

Good luck and happy moving.