Save Money on Gas: Maximize Fuel Efficiency

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Everyone wants to save money on gas but unfortunately, not every vehicle gets hybrid-level fuel economy. Don’t worry, though! There are easy ways to cut down your car’s fuel consumption. Here are our top tips for maximizing efficiency, no matter what you drive.

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Stay Smooth

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective. One of the best ways to increase your fuel economy is to drive more smoothly. Don’t go full “Fast and Furious” at stoplights. Avoid rapid acceleration and hard braking whenever possible. Fuel efficiency for most vehicles peaks around 50 mph, so also consider slowing down a tad on the freeway. Keeping your driving smooth and steady burns less fuel and is also safer, so it’s really a win-win situation.

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Go Cruising

Along the same lines as the first tip, cruise control is an awesome tool to make sure you are driving at a steady pace and keeping fuel consumption low. If your vehicle is equipped with cruise control, consider using it on the highway whenever possible, as staying at a consistent speed will keep your averages high. Just remember to always pay attention to the road ahead, and don’t use it if the weather is bad or conditions are hazardous.

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Don’t Idle

We know how tempting it is to spend your lunch break sitting in your car to get away from the office for a bit. But for every hour your car spends running, but not driving – you’re burning up to half a gallon of fuel. So, depending on how hot it is, try cracking a window and turning your car off while you eat and scroll mindlessly through Twitter.

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Stay Pumped Up

Keeping your tires properly inflated is not only important for your vehicle’s safety and performance, it also helps your fuel efficiency! Underinflated tires have a higher level of rolling resistance, which burns more gas. There are certain tires you can purchase that have low rolling resistance, but even just keeping the tires you already have pumped up will make a big difference.

Man putting bicycle on roof rack/Image Credit: Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Keep Your Roof Clear

Roof racks are great for providing more cargo area on road trips. But they’re not so great for your fuel mileage. The shape of your car affects its aerodynamics, and having boxes, luggage, or other items on your roof increases drag, which can significantly lower efficiency. Try to stow items inside your vehicle’s trunk or backseat space whenever possible to help with this issue.

People loading boxes into car trunk/Image Credit: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Shed a Few Pounds (From Your Vehicle)

Look, we all have some stuff in our car that we don’t really need, but that we keep in there “just in case.” A simple way to improve your fuel mileage is to make sure your vehicle is as light as possible. Now, don’t go stripping parts off your car, but those books that need to go back to the library, or that bag of clothes you were going to donate? It might be time to say goodbye.

Whether you drive a small hatchback or a towering pickup truck, there are plenty of ways to make your next fill-up last longer. With just a few simple changes, anyone can save more money on gas and be kinder to the planet.

Kasey McNerney

Kasey McNerney

Kasey McNerney is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, and inherited her interest in cars from her dad. She previously worked at Phoenix Raceway, where she assisted with communications for NASCAR events. Currently, Kasey writes automotive content for BestRide and works with auto and auto-adjacent businesses to strengthen their social media presence.