Tailgate lock

VIDEO: DIY Ways to Keep Your Pickup’s Tailgate Safe From Theft

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Tailgate lock

If you own a pickup truck without a factory tailgate lock, you are rolling the dice.  Here is how to keep someone from lifting off and stealing your tailgate.

Pickup truck tailgates are very easy to remove.  As the video here shows, if the handle does not lock (or if you leave it unlocked), a thief can take it off in literally seconds.  The tailgates can be sold or used as replacement parts, or they can even be sold as scrap metal.  Tailgate locks of all types are sold aftermarket, and they would be a very wise investment if you don’t have a locking tailgate.  However, as this vide shows, and as the image above illustrates, a plastic hose clamp, or a zip-tie can slow a thief down.  That might be all it takes to dissuade them and have them move on to an easier to steal target.


If you are willing to spend a few bucks, there are many inexpensive options that actually lock the tailgate to the pickup truck.  One is to replace the zip tie or hose clamp with the Master Lock product shown below.   There are also after market solutions that let you use the key or key fob from your truck to lock the tailgate from Pop and Lock.

tailgate lock


Main story image courtesy of Pistol Pete and Youtube.