VIDEO: Let Honda Teach You How to Drive a Manual Transmission

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The average car today comes with an automatic transmission that includes two pedals at your feet and a gear selector that simply needs to be put into Drive in order to get the car moving. Most cars in the U.S. are automatics, but there are manuals out there for those who take the time to learn how to drive one. Honda wants to help with that last part.

There was a time when everyone knew how to drive a manual and these transmissions were pretty common. Even if you didn’t drive one, there was a good chance you knew someone who did and if you were lucky, then they’d teach you how to drive a manual, too.

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It was one of those life skills like swimming or riding a bike that your parents insisted you needed to master. If your buddy was the only one who knew how to drive a stick and he was attacked by a bear while you were out hiking and his car was a manual, then you wouldn’t want him to die simply because you never took the time to learn to drive a manual, would you? No, you couldn’t take that risk, so you learned to drive a manual.

Today, it’s harder to find someone who owns a manual, so it’s also harder to find a way to learn to drive one even if you want to be prepared in case of a bear attack. These transmissions are falling out of favor and automakers are increasingly not even offering them on vehicles, even as an option. Manuals are out there, but they’re an endangered species.

Honda offers a wide range of choices with a manual transmissions and they want to help make sure you know how to drive one. This quick five-minute video gives a basic rundown of how it all works.

There’s nothing fancy here. It’s just the basics without anything extra that the novice doesn’t need to know and that will only make the whole process more confusing and intimidating and that’s important. If you don’t know how to drive a manual, then it is a daunting thought.

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No one wants to stall at a light or roll back on a hill or have random passersby laugh when they grind the gears. It’s embarrassing, but guess what? Every single person who knows how to drive a manual was once completely clueless and screwed it all up when they gave it a try. This video will make the process a little less intimidating.

Manuals really are fun to drive. When you get the chance to learn, do it, and you won’t be sorry. Remember, there are still lots of bears out there and you need to be prepared to drive your buddy to the hospital, just in case.